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Welcome to Satsymph

In 2004 Ralph Hoyte idea- initiated, then, with filmmaker Liz Crow, co-wrote, -directed and –produced 1831 RIOT!‘the world’s first audio-play for located media in an intelligent environment’ (The Guardian) for Mobile Bristol (with Hewlett-Packard Labs)

In 2009 he undertook a 6-month Technology Strategy Board-funded residency with the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol to look into ‘The Dramatic Potential of Pervasive Media’ and became a resident member of the studio

Having established that the concept actually works, we then formed SATSYMPH.  SATSYMPH was subsequently short-listed for ‘the UK’s most ambitious new music award’, the £50,000 PRS Foundation New Music Award. The proposal was to create an ambitious worldwide GPS-triggered satellite symphony. We went on to win the public vote for this award (but not the actual award)

Later in 2009 Marc Yeats and Phill Phelps came on board. We worked collaboratively on an Arts Council-funded scoping study, A GPS-Triggered Poetic Symphony, as well as experimenting with other GPS-triggered mobile music / poetic / literary content

An iteration of our scoping study (‘NAIADS’) was  ‘laid out’ in Nov 2010 alongside the River Britt in Dorset to create a virtual soundworld for ‘countertext’ (part of the Bridport Literary Festival); we relocated a variation on this theme further down the same river meadows (nearer Westbay) for ‘audiolab’ (PVA MediaLab/Labculture) in March 2011

Composition and production of SATSYMPH’s  ‘On a Theme of Hermes’ was funded by the Arts Council, PVA MediaLab/Labculture (Bridport) and the Performing Rights Society for Music Foundation. ‘On a Theme of Hermes’ is geo-located around Hamworthy Park, Poole; the floating harbour, Bristol, and in Wroclaw, Poland. A further ‘portable’ iteration which can be experienced anywhere in the world at any time chosen by the user has also be created. The SATSYMPH-HERMES app can be downloaded here:

Hermes for Android
Hermes for iPhone

SATSYMPH became an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) in October 2011