1 September 2019:RECENT CHANGES! After listener feedback some changes have been made to ‘Willowvale’. As the app in its current state does not allow automatic updates -or, sorry, even a notice to say ‘Hi! There is an update!’ – you have to re-scan the QR below to download the latest version. That’s all you have to do – open the Satsymph QR app, press ‘SCAN QR’ and scan the QR below. It’ll automatically update to the latest version. If you downloaded it before it was updated it will continue to play the old version until updated. Sorry – this is the first time we’ve used our brand new platform to make a ‘scape, so it’s all very much in hand, but still developing!

Keep calm and carry on ….

Walking Memories is ‘sound you can walk inside’. Sound art incorporating oral histories of Frome. Created by Phill Phelps and Ralph Hoyte of Satsymph LLP.

A ‘print out and take’ PDF map (single A4 sheet) showing all soundpool locations and giving tips on how to navigate the soundscape is available to download below.

 How to listen

  1. On your phone, download ‘SatsymphQR‘, available on Google Play and Apple AppStore
  2. Use the scan button in the SatsymphQR app to scan the QR (below)
  3. Use the SatsymphQR app library to select ‘FROME1’
  4. Now you can either print out and take the above map with you, or you can simply chase the enticing moving shapes on your phone screen. The arrow is you!
  5. Walk and enjoy the sounds!
The app includes a complete list of credits and acknowledgements, also downloadable as a credits text file.