Land Bone and Stone apps on the South Dorset Ridgeway

We have produced three soundscape apps (LBS1, LBS2, and LBS3) set in the stunning South Dorset Ridgeway area or Land of Bone and Stone, cited as one of Europe’s finest ancient ceremonial landscapes with its thousands of prehistoric monuments. The landscape is full of stories and sounds. These apps help you discover them.

You can walk a route around the South Dorset Ridgeway and the apps will respond to your movement by producing sound. It’s a soundscape you control by walking. It has spoken and musical elements, tells you about the Ridgeway landscape and deep history, myths and legends.

Downloads – print out and keep guides

If you are unsure about what to expect when you listen to the soundscapes, how to reach each site with useful maps showing parking information, etc… these guides will answer your questions!

We strongly recommend you print out to take with you when you visit. Each pdf guide should take no more than 6 sheets of A4 paper when printed single-sided.

Click the links below to access the PDF guides, and the apps themselves.

Google Android LBS1 app
Apple iPhone LBS1 app
Google Android LBS2 app
Apple iPhone LBS2 app
Google Android LBS3 app
Apple iPhone LBS3 app