1. on your smartphone, search ‘Izi Travel‘ in your app store.
  2. download the app (this is just ‘the player’)
  3. in the ‘NO REGION SELECTED’ box type ‘Bristol’ / or, on the map just find Bristol and tap on the blue icon
  4. Tap on ‘Romancing the Gibbet’
  5. Download ‘Romancing the Gibbet’ to your phone (yes, download this specifically – otherwise you have the player, that’s fine … but you won’t have Romancing the Gibbet content ON your phone! It’d be like having the book cover … but no words!)
  6. Find the other 3 guided walks by swiping down your screen and downloading them as in (5) above
  7. Press ‘start’ and you’ll see, for example, this:
  8. the blue line is your route, the numbered balloons are the ‘soundpools’ of poetry your phone will find for you. The red pulsating dot is your current location. This means you will always know where you are, and where the route goes. Your phone will ‘ping’ when it detects a soundpool and you then have 7 secs to put your earphones in/on (this is because it’s best to not have earphones in/on when wandering as , (a) you can’t enjoy the scenery, and, (b) you might fall down a very big hole or get run over by a big red bus if you’re not watching where you’re going!) PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR NATURAL AND MAN-MADE HAZARDS, TRAFFIC ETC!
  9. Er, um .. in two of the apps (Bristol and Warminster) disparate murder locations (which can be walked) are geographically separated. In these cases, long blue lines join the different walk locations. These are just ‘linkages’ and NOT MEANT TO BE WALKED! You will have to use your car/bike/canoe/flying saucer/initiative to travel to the next ‘walk location’. Sorry! It’s the software (which I didn’t write!)