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SATSYMPH is located audio designer, poet and writer Ralph Hoyte, coder, composer and audio engineer Phill Phelps, composer and visual artist Marc Yeats. We have a common interest in composing interactive, spatialised (they respond to your movements)  soundart accessed through the smartphone.

These ‘immersive soundworlds’ (or you can think of them as ‘virtual auditoria’) are invested with contemporary music content, contemporary music/word fusions, poetry, heritage interpretive content, or with any desired audio content.  We routinely use our own ‘in-house’ platform, SSQR, to build these sonic artworks, but also use other ‘located audio platforms’ as and when. We work in audio as our experience over the years has shown audio to be the more compelling medium; and as peering at a small screen in the great outdoors is both difficult and distracts from the actual reason you came to the great outdoors.

The audience access this ‘parallel soundworld’ – ‘you walk WITHING the sound’ – by downloading an app containing all the content and instructions needed to run it onto their personal iPhone or Google Android phone. Once downloaded you go to the designated location, don headphones and navigate the virtual world with your ears whilst remaining in the real world with your feet. A phone signal is NOT required (a big advantage in areas with no, or poor connectivity!) – the soundscape is gps-triggered. This ‘virtual soundworld’ can be any shape or size, can be disseminated or composed so that the audience members converge in certain areas, or are ‘funneled’ in certain directions.

It’s as if the landscape is talking to you!” (User comment on the RomLitScape)