Immersive Avebury

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Immersive Avebury

Satsymph worked with a team from Bournemouth University as well as Daden, developing the sound environment for a VR (virtual reality) simulation of Avebury as it was 3,500 years ago (AHRC: Arts & Humanities Research Council, EPSRC: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) (2018) 

The sound environment was built by Satsymph in Unity3D, then transferred to Daden’s ‘Fieldscapes’ VR model

The collaboration resulted in a paper: Virtual Avebury: exploring sense of place in a virtual archaeology simulation.

The project also resulted in experiments to ‘people’ ancient heritage environments. In the above simulation there is no human speech, as ‘no-one knows what their language sounded like’. In view of this lack Satsymph were freer to experiment than the academics. We were informed, ‘it could’ve sounded something like Finnish’. We hired a bunch of very talented actors, primed them on Finnish YouTube videos and told them to ‘get Neolithic’, which they did with great professionalism and enthusiasm. This video is the result: