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Les Flâneurs Ēlectroniques

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SYBARIS: Sentier des Flâneurs Ēlectroniques


A ‘flâneur’ or ‘flâneusse’ (from the Old Norse verb ‘flana’) is someone who wanders or strolls with no purpose, commenting on what she/he observes and feels. We, Les Flâneurs Ēlectroniques, flâneur electronically, creating and leaving virtual soundpools of flâneurie, traces of our passing on the streets of the city, along the banks of the river, among the trees in the park for the world to discover…

Un “flâneur” o “flâneusse” (dal verbo norvegese “flana”) è qualcuno che vaga o passeggia senza scopo, commentando cosa lei / lui osserva e sente. Noi, Les Flâneurs Ēlectroniques, flâneur elettronicamente, creando e lasciando virtualpool di flâneurie per il mondo da scoprire, tracce del nostro passaggio effimero per le strade della città, lungo le rive di un fiume, immerso tra gli alberi del parco …

Les Flâneurs Ēlectroniques are Bristol-UK poet, writer and immersive media producer Ralph Hoyte,  Milan-based poet, singer and global flaneuse Tania Haberland, librarian-writer-musician Gianluca Moro and mind-body movement trainer (and European Karate Champion 1984) Fabrizio Dalle Piane


download instructions


  • on your mobile, search ‘izi-travel’ (FREE!) 
  • download Izi-travel to your mobile
  • on the map, find Milan
  • look for Concorezzo (BLUE DOT)
  • push blue dot
  • open ‘Les Flaneurs Electroniques’
  • DOWNLOAD this  (icon on right) to your phone
  • go to La Ghiringhella in Concorezzo
  • start the app; use headphones or earbuds
  • follow the blue trail