On a Theme of Hermes

Welcome to Satsymph

In 2012, SATSYMPH were in receipt of a major Arts Council Grants for the Arts (GftA) Award (with the PRS for Music Foundation and PVA MediaLab/labculture ltd.) to realise our next major work, On a Theme of Hermes.

The work’s theme is Hermes, traditionally messenger of the gods, guide to the Underworld, patron of thieves and liars, of literature and poets, as well as of boundaries and those who, as in this work, “travel across them”. In other words, a trickster god – and definitely a rogue.

‘Hermes’ fuses the music of contemporary composer Marc Yeats, the words of poet Ralph Hoyte, and the expertise of coder, musician and composer Phill Phelps, using live, top-flight musicians from the Bristol Ensemble

The Temple of Hermes: audio samples

‘On a Theme of Hermes’ was launched in Bristol (in partnership with MShed, the new museum of Bristol, The Arnolfini, Bristol Ensemble and Electrostatic Festival), Hamworthy Park in Poole (in partnership with Poole Borough Council and The Lighthouse); and in Wroclaw, Poland in partnership with Wroclaw European City of Culture 2016

As part of the same work, Hermes was also layered over locations in Wroclaw, Poland (here over the Hala Stulecia)

In its various iterations, the work has been known as ‘Satsymph Hermes’ as well as ‘The Temple of Hermes‘. The soundscape was layered over Hamworthy Park in Poole, Dorset in 2012 (left) and re-arranged 2019. (Commissioned by BCP Council 2012 and 2019)

The most recent arrangement of the Temple of Hermes (using Satsymph’s new platform, SSQR), was as an installation layered over the Parc de la Devesa for the Walking Art and Relational Geographies Conference in Girona, Catalonia in July 2022

On a Theme of Hermes is gratefully supported by the following partners: Arts Council England Lottery Funded, the Performing Right Society for Music Foundation, PVA MediaLab and Labculture Ltd., Lighthouse Poole, Arnolfini Bristol, The arts Unit, Poole Borough Council, Bristol Ensemble, MShed Bristol.