Welcome to Satsymph

SOUND GARDEN physically locates the 4 movements of composer Peter Relph’s specially composed choral music in four ancient Somerset churchyards. Sound Garden uses your smartphone’s GPS locational services to deliver audio to these specific locations-  and only these locations. You can only listen to Sound Garden if you are actually at one of the 4 designated churches!


It’s best to download Sound Garden to your smartphone at a fast wi-fi connection (at home or elsewhere) before you set out to discover the soundpools. However, if you have mobile roaming data you should also be able to do the download actually at any of the churches (but in this case you will have to take the QR below along with you, maybe someone going with you can take a picture of it, or you can print this page out…)

  • on your smartphone search and download ‘SatsymphQR‘ from the Appstore (iPhone) or from Google Play (Android phones). It’s FREE!
  • Once downloaded, open SatsymphQR. Choose ‘Scan QR’ and point camera at the QR below. This will download ‘soundgarden’ to your phone’s ‘library’.

NOTE: You must scan this QR using the ‘Scan QR’ button from within the app you have just downloaded, NOT from an independent scanner!

Then simply go to any of the 4 churches: St Andrew’s/Clevedon; All Saints/Wraxall; St Nicholas’/Brockley; St Bridget’s/Chelvey. On arrival, open SatsymphQR, then open ‘soundgarden’ from the Library, put your headphones on (or earbuds in)(make sure you turn the phone’s sound is on!) and … follow the moving map on your screen (YOU are the arrow!) to find the pulsating soundpools which each contain one of Peter Relph’s four movements. The poems start automatically – they are triggered by your phone’s GPS, so make sure (1) your phone’s ‘location’ settings are enabled so it knows where you are, and; (2) make sure in your list of apps that ‘satsymphQR’ is ‘allowed to use my location when the app is in use‘ (or similar wording).

The blue/purple arrow is ME; the coloured, pulsating ‘blobs’ are the soundpools. Play with it, see what happens, move your phone round, change your orientation – the map will swirl around you, find the soundpool. The music will only start when you are in one of the soundpools